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PILE OF MASKS: Exposing Christian Hypocrisy (Softcover) by Dustin Renz

From the back cover:

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED why hypocrisy is so prevalent in the church? Many people have rejected the Christian faith due to the fact that they see nothing different in the lives of those who profess Christ and the rest of the world. The church is filled with the same issues that they face such as high divorce rates, drug and alcohol abuse, relational conflict, sexual immorality, fear of the future and an obsession with the things of this world. Is there any hope for a church culture that has grown lukewarm in its love for Jesus? In Pile of Masks, Dustin Renz candidly explores this issue in the Christian community from an insider’s vantage point. Having been set free from a hypocritical lifestyle himself, he explains how the Lord broke the chains of hypocrisy in his heart, restored his marriage and ministry and brought him into an authentic life in Christ. This book takes readers on a journey through history to discover how the enemy has been using hypocrisy to pull people away from God since the beginning of time. It presents powerful principles to help all believers rise above a backslidden church culture. All who hunger for more than status quo Christianity need to read this book!

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PILE OF MASKS: Individual/ Group Study Guide

This companion study guide to Pile of Masks is ideal for digging deeper in personal study or in a small group setting. With probing questions, personal application and Scriptures to dig deeper, this guide will help each reader dive into the book in more depth to ensure the greatest impact of the material on their lives.

Price: $8.00 + Shipping

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What others are saying:

“It is difficult for a book to hold my continued interest, let alone make me not want to stop reading it. Reading after reading kept me in a state of self examination, without condemnation, as scripture and the author’s skill awakened me to God’s call and plan for my life. Every follower of Jesus should allow this book to aid and encourage them in the adventure of being a citizen of Heaven.”  -Amazon Review



PILE OF MASKS: Exposing Christian Hypocrisy (ebook) by Dustin Renz

Pile of Masks is available in Amazon Kindle version! Click here to be brought to that page.